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Relativity Fest 2019
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LIE288746 - Using Cooperation to Achieve “Just, Speedy, and Inexpensive” “Just, speedy, and inexpensive" determinations are essential in any civil litigation that has issues relating to electronically stored information. In this session, we'll help you achieve these determinations through cooperation. We'll review both case law and articles that discuss these issues, and you'll walk away with specific methods that counsel (and judges) can use to succeed. 60 min Lecture
LIE291972 - Is It Time to Rethink the EDRM? The EDRM has been a household name in the e-discovery and legal technology industry for 15 years. It has provided a framework for the development of software and services. In the increasingly non-linear and fast-moving legal technology world in which we now live and work, where cloud-based solutions, analytics, machine learning, and AI are impacting the data-driven decisions being made, is it time to rethink the EDRM? Join this lively and interactive session for a discussion about evolving standards and workflows in e-discovery and how they might be incorporated into a revised EDRM. This panel discussion will feature a speaker from the EDRM, a speaker from Relativity, and one or two industry leaders. 60 min Panel
LIE294881 - e-Discovery Disasters and How to Avoid Them: Don't Let This Happen to You e-Discovery mistakes and failures happen even at the largest organizations in the most high-profile situations—and this panel has proof. Join us to hear examples of failures by a major medical center, a major financial institution, a large federal government agency, and a noted presidential advisor. The panel will discuss the various issues that occurred in these high-profile cases and what to do to avoid them in your own cases.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE296448 - Tales from the Trenches: A 21st Century Second Request More than two years after the deal was announced, the DOJ will no longer fight to block the fourth largest merger in US history: AT&T and Time Warner. During this discussion, we'll take a look at how Ankura successfully managed the data, review workflows, and productions for this second request both from a vendor perspective and from in-house counsel's perspective.

Topics include:
  • • Data inventory/tracker
  • • Use of predictive coding/analytics
  • • Limiting users’ permissions
  • • Managing multiple workflows
  • • Production timing/quality control calls
  • • Scheduling performance optimization scripts
60 min Lecture
LIE297299 - Defending IP and Trade Secrets: How to Shape Positive Outcomes with e-Discovery Even in the most clear-cut matters, defending IP and trade secrets can be difficult. And when digital evidence is obfuscated through direct and indirect efforts, these defenses can be downright daunting. However, with a comprehensive and integrated discovery plan supported by a team of experts with digital investigative experience augmented with targeted e-discovery technologies, legal teams can quickly, effectively, and economically gain and maintain the legal high ground in these critical corporate matters.

This expert panel will present actionable approaches and best practices for counsel to consider as part of forensic collection, early case insight, and legal document review efforts during IP and trade secret matters. Shared through the lens of an example matter based on an aggregate of actual experiences, this panel presentation will help legal teams as they seek to proactively shape positive e-discovery outcomes.

Join us to hear discussion on the following topics:
  • • Organizing for Success: From Complaint to Discovery Plan
  • • Accelerated Execution: Translating Data into Evidence
  • • Advancing on Smoking Guns: Advanced Technologies and Assisted Review
  • • Reviewing Right: Accelerated Legal Document Review
  • • Decisive Differences: The Benefit of an Integrated e-Discovery Provider
60 min Panel
LIE300147 - A Practical Roadmap for Effective and Defensible Preservation, Collection, and Authentication Taking appropriate measures to identify and preserve data from the beginning of litigation minimizes risk, can reduce burden, and will help you avoid problems later in the discovery process. Updating the topics and case law examples presented the last two years at Relativity Fest (previously titled “If You Wait, You May Spoliate”), this session will discuss how professionals involved in discovery can avoid common pitfalls and challenges related to data identification, preservation, and collection. The session will also include a discussion of Federal Rule of Evidence 902 regarding self-authentication and new decisions interpreting the amendments to The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE300980 - Talk Discovery to Me: How to Conduct Effective Interviews with IT and Custodians The best technology and workflows are of little value if you don’t have the right data in a usable format. Failing to preserve, bad data collections, or abnormal data storage can sabotage your collection and review of potentially relevant data. A key to avoiding these potential saboteurs is conducting effective interviews with your client’s IT administrators and custodians. Done well, these interviews can help you identify and properly preserve the relevant data sources, address potential challenges, and ensure that you have the right processes and the right technology solutions from the outset. If the interviews are done poorly, however, it can create hurdles throughout the entire discovery process. Based on their years of experience in the industry, the panelists will provide examples of good and bad interview techniques, discuss challenges they have encountered or avoided in the past, and present ideas that you can take into your next interview. 60 min Panel
LIE301367 - DSAResolution: A Lawyer-Led Development of a Business Proposition Join this session to learn all about the ins and outs of DSAResolution—a lawyer-led initiative that harnesses technology to address data subject access requests (DSARs).

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the number of data subject access requests has more than doubled since 2016, with 9,090 recorded from May 25 to December 11, 2018. Employee DSARs are a huge headache for multinationals. They want them dealt with as efficiently and cheaply as possible, while still meeting their obligations to the ICO and the requester.

DSAResolution was born from a desire to build the most cost-effective workflow possible. In this session, we'll discuss the challenges of creating a tailored software environment that supports lawyers at a price that is attractive to clients. You'll learn how we built a customized Relativity DSAR environment that supports everything we need to do, and nothing more—ensuring significant savings for clients.
60 min Panel
LIE301405 - CFIUS: A Guide to Navigating National Security Requirements in the Data Economy The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) exists at the intersection of trade policy and national security. CFIUS holds jurisdictional authority to evaluate national security risks related to any merger, acquisition, or takeover that results in foreign control of any person engaged in interstate commerce in the United States. A key national security risk consideration is whether the transaction provides access to, or control of, material non-public information of the US business, or US citizen personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), or other sensitive information such as genetic information or geolocation data. Parties must evaluate the threat, vulnerability, and consequence of the exploitation of data as a result of foreign control.

This session will provide practical tips and case studies from leading regulatory experts who operate in increasingly complex trade and security jurisdictions. Hear from the frontlines on successfully traversing US national security regulations and data security protocols, as companies carefully consider how data access, control, and exploitation impact M&A deal flow considerations.

The panel will explore best practices in identifying data threats, and applying technical expertise to establish reasonable mitigation measures. Recommended enhancements and suggestions on optimizing Relativity as a common platform for integration and visualization of disparate data sources will be shared.
60 min Panel
LIE302786 - Using Relativity to Bolster the Admissibility of Evidence As the rules of evidence evolve to account for the differences between ESI and paper documents, the manner in which ESI is collected and produced impacts the proponent’s ability to actually use the ESI as evidence at trial. This session will examine the rules of evidence most frequently at issue when attempting to admit ESI as exhibits and highlight the best practices for the collection and production of documents, which are buttressed by the power of Relativity, to overcome evidentiary challenges. We'll examine using tools in Relativity to authenticate ESI, provide foundational requirements to avoid hearsay objections, and satisfy the “best evidence rule.” This session will also survey recent cases applying the evidentiary rules to ESI to gain a better understanding of how courts grapple with the unique challenges posed by ESI. 60 min Lecture
LIE309196 - Leveraging Your Data and Analytics Tools for Discovery & Disclosure - A RelativityOne Case Study The use of digital data is now imperative for the full spectrum of litigation or corporate investigations, whether civil, criminal, arbitration, or simply commercial. Lawyers are continually engaged to help navigate agreements, defend, prosecute, and proffer a route or strategy for a legal resolution in all shade of disputes. In this technological age, the fact that you have a useful eye witness or case theory does not guarantee a win or success. An adversary who is well placed to leverage the use of technological tools and platforms—for example, an e-discovery or data analytics platform like Relativity—can quickly disrupt and impose legally acceptable hurdles on the road to success or compel a forced settlement.

In this panel discussion, participants will provide insight into how they have deployed an e-discovery tool to leverage their position in the world of digital data discovery and disclosure. We'll cover reported case law and an actual discussion of relevant modules in RelativityOne and how they can be used for leverage in the process of data discovery and disclosure—either during meet and confer sessions, depositions, or trial. When you leave this session, you’ll have the know-how to shift from the everyday use of e-discovery technology to a more strategic deployment.
60 min Panel
LIE309210 - Blockchain Assets: Identification, Analysis, and Review From family law to regulatory actions, and receiverships to class actions lawsuits, blockchains and cryptographically backed digital assets can pop up in any case. In this session, you'll learn how to recognize when these digital assets (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) are present in a case; how proper collection and review processes can reduce the risks that these new technologies expose us to; and how to ensure all relevant information is uncovered and understood. 60 min Lecture
LIE309562 - The Future of Legal Service Delivery: Interoperable Apps and Services Technology is increasing the potential for what it means to deliver legal services every day. The proliferation of devices that produce data means that there is greater opportunity for understanding how previously untapped areas of the market interact with one another. The vastness of this data now means that even seemingly discounted pieces of information can be aggregated to great effect. For example, the comments from Yelp reviews can be used to more accurately predict which restaurants will have health code violations, and your interactions on social media can be used to help more accurately predict where crowds will form, emerging fashion trends, or even the spread of contagious disease.

This same potential exists in the legal industry. Last January, during the 2019 MIT Computational Law Course, one of the standout modules of the course focused on how information could be atomized, standardized, and configured to yield more dynamic possibilities beyond e-discovery. This session will provide an overview on the value of data and the ways that data might be used to push the limits of what people currently imagine as possible, discuss the strategies for building interoperable legal apps and services, and look at how this nascent technology could be optimized for future use cases.
60 min Lecture
LIE309627 - Preservation and Collection Strategies to Minimize Costs e-Discovery costs are minimized when non-relevant materials are eliminated as early as possible from the process. Preventing non-relevant materials from even being collected saves the most money because these documents are not processed, hosted, reviewed or produced. However, aggressively limiting what’s collected to save costs can backfire if the requirements of a project shift enough to require recollection. If the data was not preserved, it could even result in spoliation sanctions.

In this session, we'll discuss how to balance the risks and benefits of culling data in a collection, including:
  • • When and how to limit the data collected
  • • What situations capturing entire accounts or imaging devices is appropriate
  • • When to make preservation images and the scope of those images
  • • How to leverage a client’s existing backup and preservation processes
  • • How to take advantage of electronic legal holds
60 min Panel
LIE309639 - Why Lawyers SHOULD Be Luddites Modern parlance holds that the Luddites hated and feared technology—and thus that being a Luddite is bad. That’s incorrect. Luddites didn’t fear technology. They feared what it would bring: replacement of their professional skills and results by vastly cheaper (and poorer) labor. And in that, the Luddites were right. The incredible increases in the power of technology create incredible efficiencies. But technology also creates winners and losers. What can you do to be one of the winners?

Following up on last year’s “Will Artificial Intelligence Supplant the Practice of Law?," this session will focus on the practical aspects of how lawyers (and those who work with them) can avoid being replaced by robots. How can you prevent your role from being replaced by the cheapest of labor? What can you do right now to improve your skillset and future-proof your livelihood? What tools are available in e-discovery, contract analytics, research, and other legal areas to improve your own efficiencies to the degree that you can stay relevant?

We’ll answer these questions and also look at the behind-the-scenes systems (client intake, timekeeping, invoicing, etc.) that eliminate the massive inefficiencies that destroy productivity for so many.
60 min Panel
LIE309830 - When Information Becomes Toxic: How Strict Information Governance Can Reduce the Impact of a Data Breach Former FBI Director Robert Mueller said, "There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be. Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be again.” In this session, we’ll walk through a typical data breach review for notification and ways to minimize costs and overall impact through a sound information governance policy.

We’ll start with important questions to consider before the data breach—such as your privacy policy, sensible deletion, minimizing the use of emails as data storage, and interactive record retention. We’ll then discuss what happens after a data breach, including collecting and reviewing the right data, the hidden costs of a breach, unexpected data exposure, and poorly scrubbed data.
60 min Lecture
LIE325208 - The Judicial Panel The Relativity Fest Judicial Panel returns for the sixth annual gathering of prominent jurists analyzing the vital legal issues of the day. Join Senior U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fischer, New York State Supreme Court Justice Tanya Kennedy, U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez, additional leading judges, and moderator David Horrigan of Relativity as the panel covers the leading data discovery developments of the year, including the lastest e-discovery cases and the landmark data privacy decision, Rosenbach v. Six Flags Entm't. We'll also consider fundamental access to justice issues, including the "Who owns the law?" dilemma presented by the 11th Circuit's decision in Code Revision Comm'n v. Public.Resource.Org, Inc. Whether you're trying to read free online copies of state statutes or simply taking your child to an amusement park, the 2019 Judicial Panel will have thought-provoking commentary affecting your life and your work.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min General Session
LIE325270 - State of the e-Discovery Union: A Roundtable on the Industry and the Profession The latest gathering of the State of the e-Discovery Union Roundtable will focus on 2019's developments affecting the industry and the profession--your company, your job, and your future career. We'll examine the job market, industry growth, legal education, technological competence, continuing education, access to justice, and more. We'll continue the Roundtable's tradition of a game format with members of the Roundtable playing for charitable or educational organizations, and we're honored to have the Honorable James Francis IV and the Honorable Andrew Peck serving as judges. 60 min Panel
LIE325271 - The 2019 International Panel: Expanding Perspectives from Multiple Continents This year's International Panel will present legal perspectives from across the globe, updating you on the latest developments in cross-border e-discovery, conflict of laws, and data privacy and protection. Moderated by Chris Dale of the United Kingdom's eDisclosure Information Project, the International Panel will go beyond the first year of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to examine data discovery issues facing practioners in South America and APAC as well.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE325272 - A View from the Top: The 2019 FTI-Relativity General Counsel Survey What does the future hold for law and business in 2020 and beyond? Chief legal officers provide a unique perspective, and to analyze that perspective, Relativity and the FTI Technology business unit of FTI Consulting commissioned a study by Ari Kaplan Advisors, surveying general counsel on a wide variety of legal issues affecting business and the legal profession. Limiting the study to chief legal officers, the survey covered topics ranging from the technical competence of legal teams to preparedness for cyberattacks. Initial findings were released over the summer, and in this Relativity Fest session, get a deep dive as we release and analyze the complete results of the FTI-Relativity General Counsel Survey.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE325274 - Data Subject Access Requests in the Americas and Beyond Whether it's an aggrieved employee, an unhappy customer, or someone who just wants to know how much information an organization has about her, data subject access requests (DSAR) have been a focus of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, the provisions of the GDPR apply beyond Europe, and the GDPR isn't the only game in town--laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have subject access request provisions creating compliance requirements in the Americas from Canada to Brazil. Join us for a session examining best practices for dealing with DSARs in the Americas and beyond.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE325275 - Disruption: The New Buzz Word in Tech Is innovation enough? The purpose of innovation is to change the paradigm. The only way to change the paradigm is by disrupting the old to bring in the new. In this session, you'll learn how firms are transforming their organizations through innovation and disrupting the law firm market, sometimes in small ways and sometimes monumentally. 60 min Panel
LIE325276 - Are You Violating Attorney Client Privilege? On a city bus, your client calls. What do you do? Is what you're saying potentially breaking client confidences? What about when you're receiving a text message? How about on WhatsApp? The lines between violating client confidentiality and retaining it have blurred as technology and innovation has become pervasive. In this session, we'll explore the latest in attorney/client confidentiality as it relates to technology and how we'll respond when the line becomes even more blurred.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE325278 - e-Discovery Cost Recovery: 5 Considerations for Law Firms As the practice of law evolves, services like data discovery have become a competitive advantage and a key part of successful case strategy. Law firms that value innovation may struggle to nurture it while upholding a pure cost absorption model. Many firms are modernizing their business models, positioning strategic services like e-discovery as part of their practice and factoring these costs into their fees.

Hear from three professionals at law firms who helped modernize their firms’ business models about considerations to ensure cost recovery plans are successful, including:
  • • Ethical considerations
  • • Internal perception
  • • Attorney carve outs
  • • Cost equation
  • • Client communications
60 min Panel
LIE325358 - Little Data: The Results of the 2019 Relativity-CTRL Study on Data Minimalization Over the past decade, the terms, "Big Data" and "Defensible Deletion," have been so overused they're now trite. But what about "Little Data"? Have legal and regulatory developments such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) caused organizations to embrace data minimization? To find out, Relativity and The Coalition of Technical Resources for Lawyers (CTRL) conducted a study on how organizations are handling--and perhaps minimizing—their data. Are organizations putting themselves at risk by deleting too much data, including deletion of data with the use of ephemeral messaging? Join us for this Relativity Fest session as we announce and analyze the results.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE325359 - Data Privacy and Data Protection 2019 Data privacy and data protection are arguably the most important data law issues in 2019, and--with the possible exception of climate change--they may be the most important issues facing society as a whole. Join us for our annual Relativity Fest examination of the year's developments in data privacy and protection. For 2019, we'll look at mobile data, social media, and the Internet of Things, analyzing controversies from Amazon's Alexa to Facebook. In addition, as we look ahead to the 2020 elections, we'll examine the legal and technical aspects of alleged hacked elections, and what all these data privacy and protection challenges mean for you.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
60 min Panel
LIE325360 - Secrets from Corporate Counsel: The Law Firm—Corporate Counsel Relationship With changes in technology, data, and cyber treats, the corporate legal team's needs and expectations are evolving, leaving law firms trying to keep up. Hear directly from corporate legal teams about what they want their outside law firms to know.

Find out:
  • • How they really feel about security
  • • What innovation means to them
  • • How law firms can provide more valuable services
  • • What most law firms are overlooking
  • • Why they dismiss law firms
60 min Panel
PD292136 - Using Body Language for Powerful Persuasion and Prediction in the Courtroom Over 70 percent of communication is nonverbal, yet most people don't have mastery over their nonverbal communication—nor do they know how to read someone else. When juries are skeptical, witnesses stray off script, and judges are guarded, attorneys must make the most of every minute in the courtroom. The key to better persuasion is utilizing the 70 percent of the conversation that is not verbal.

Practicing attorneys need to be polished in their performance to live up to the data and sleek electronic presentations they utilize. In many situations, the slides in the case take center stage more than the attorneys who present them. At the end of the day, the jury is more influenced by the 3D performance of counsel than the 2D charts and graphs.

As one of 22 Certified Movement Pattern Analysts worldwide, Alison Henderson teaches both sides of body language communication. Join her in a presentation that brings the verbal and nonverbal together.
  • • Understand how personal presence affects perception and effectiveness.
  • • Learn how to read body language of juries, witnesses, opposing counsel, and judges to predict their behavior.
  • • Effectively change arguments based on what you observe in others.
60 min Lecture
PD294865 - Strategies for Building an Effective e-Discovery Program in State and Local Governments State and local governments often lack sufficient resources for equipment and talent to build effective e-discovery programs and to hold on to experienced talent. How can you change that? Join this panel discussion to learn strategies for building an effective e-discovery program; what makes an effective e-discovery program in a state and local government setting; and how e-discovery teams differ between the private law firm and corporate law departments and state and local governments. We'll also discuss emerging developments with state and local government e-discovery programs, as well as the difficulties encountered by e-discovery staff. Finally, we'll discuss why state and local e-discovery programs are overlooked. Join us to hear real insights from panelists in the field. 60 min Panel
PD298672 - Translating Tech for Non-Technical Attorneys Tools like active learning and concept searching can have a big impact on a case, but getting buy-in from attorneys isn't always easy—especially when they're unfamiliar with the tech. In this session, we'll focus on ways for you to translate the merits of the more abstract aspects of e-discovery into easy-to-understand scenarios for attorneys and others who are unfamiliar with the technical side of things. Join us to learn how to translate concepts like active learning, email threading, conceptual searching, regular expressions, and custom indexes into easy-to-explain scenarios that allow for attorneys without technical or e-discovery expertise to understand and approve for use in matters. 60 min Lecture
PD309315 - The Long and Winding Road: Career Paths in e-Discovery On the premise that an unexamined e-discovery life is not worth living, this panel will feature women who work at various types of companies, in various roles, within the e-discovery field. From law firm, to corporation, to service provider, to government, and beyond.

This panel will explore the tough questions...
  • • How on earth did we get here?
  • • Why e-discovery?
  • • What makes for a good first job in e-discovery?
  • • Are certain types of companies easier to break into than others?
  • • What are the advantages/disadvantages of working at a corporation, law firm, service provider, etc.?
  • • Which type of company do you feel is the most stable, which is the most innovative, and which pays the most?
  • • If you could do your career over again, what would you change?

Join us for fun, upbeat discussion. Whether you're new to e-discovery, at a crossroads in your career path, or just want to hear some good stories, this session is for you.

60 min Panel
PD309622 - e-Discovery Certifications: Why, Which, and in What Order The evolution of the legal industry over the next decade will usher in a new and hyper-focused valuation of functional domain certification that was once only granted to a traditional three-year JD. Legal professionals who may or may not be or want to join the bar are increasingly seeking certifications. These professionals are specializing in an area of expertise and validating that knowledge with certification(s) such as the CIPP US/EU for privacy, the GLEG or CISSP for security, or CEDS for those wanting to specialize in e-discovery and more.

During this panel discussion, you'll get a better understanding of the legal certification ecosystem for non-software specific accreditation. Panelists will discuss Relativity certifications—which overlap many functional domain certifications with elements of e-discovery project management, information governance, security, privacy, and analytics—and also provide potential career mapping pathways to help you expand and diversify your areas of expertise.
60 min Panel
PD311742 - A Call to Action: Building an e-Discovery Pro Bono Platform and Network e-Discovery matters in pro bono cases as well as paid ones. To date, however, there is no platform available to match pro bono e-discovery needs with e-discovery expertise and resources. Join this panel in a working session to map out building a platform in RelativityOne to achieve this objective. Key considerations to discuss include what such an initiative would look like, who would spearhead it, an appropriate initial scope. 60 min Panel
PD325209 - Welcome Reception Welcome to Relativity Fest! Join us for appetizers, drinks, and networking to kick things off. 60 min Networking Event
PD325210 - Networking Event Join us for a fun night of drinks, appetizers, music, and networking. 60 min Networking Event
PD325259 - Teaching Relativity with Zoom Video Snow storms, hybrid classes, remote law firms, and teaching completely online can be a challenge. During this hour, you'll learn the top 10 skills for keeping students and trainees awake, engaged, and interacting so they learn what they need to be successful. This session will be hands-on so make sure your smart phone or laptop is fully charged. We will have expert guest speakers from Zoom Video and the University of Florida Levin College of Law. 60 min Lecture
PD325277 - Emerging Leadership Roles in Law Firms The roles of law firm leadership are moving towards tech. We're seeing new and divergent roles that blend the boundary between law and technology and often merge them into the same person. The wave that brought us the chief innovation officers several years ago has morphed to bring us data science attorneys, chief transformation officers, and chief disruption officers. In this panel, leaders in those roles will describe how they got where they are and where they see those roles going. 60 min Panel
PD325279 - Make it Fun! Bringing Creativity to Relativity Training In this session, you'll learn how to rethink and expand your approach to Relativity skills training for internal or external audiences. You'll explore examples of how Relativity and other like-minded software companies have embraced games, puzzles, compelling stories, and relevant cultural touchpoints to capture learners' imaginations and create captivating experiences that fully engage their brains—without losing focus on the technical details that are critical to their success. You'll leave this session inspired to take your creativity and innovation to the next level, bring more delight to your learners, and make your own job a whole lot more fun. 60 min Lecture
PD325280 - Pass It, Don't Pass It Up: The Value of Relativity Certifications In this session, you’ll hear from a member of the Relativity certification team and Annette Habib, Vice President of Recruitment and Account Management at Tru Staffing Partners. The session will focus on the current exam offerings and available certification paths, how to make use of the available study resources to be successful, and how to get the most value out of the certifications for both you and your organization. Come ready to ask questions and learn ‘what’s new’ in the cert program. 60 min Lecture
PD325834 - Women in e-Discovery Luncheon: Stellar Women in e-Discovery Panel Joy Murao, founder of Practice Aligned Resources, will moderate a panel featuring this year’s three finalists for the Stellar Women in e-Discovery Innovation Award. As the first-ever Stellar Women in e-Discovery Innovation Award winner, Joy will lead the discussion as the panel shares their thoughts on the importance of mentorship and how the e-discovery community can elevate emerging leaders in the field. 60 min Panel
PD328636 - Reflect and Plan: Using What You Learned at Relativity Fest Relativity Fest packs a lot of information into a few short days. The sooner you're able to unpack what you've learned, the clearer your team's next actions will be and the longer your ambition will last. Before you board the plane back to the office, spend an hour with us to pause, collect your thoughts, and learn from what others have learned. In this guided workshop, you'll get the distraction-free time you need for reflection on your most important takeaways, inspiration from fellow Relativity community members, and tips you can use right now to turn ideas into action. 60 min Lecture
PD331823 - Guest Speaker: Margot Lee Shetterly A writer, researcher, and entrepreneur, Margot Lee Shetterly wrote the book on unsung heroes. Literally.

Hidden Figures tells the true story of NASA’s “human computers”—the black female mathematicians who helped fuel some of the United States’ greatest achievements in space.

Margot is also the founder of the Human Computer Project, a virtual museum dedicated to remembering all of NASA’s pioneering mathematicians and inspiring a new generation of women and minorities to pursue careers in STEM.

We’re pumped to welcome Margot to Relativity Fest as our guest speaker and hear her thoughts on bringing greater diversity to the STEM world.
60 min General Session
PD332283 - From the Stage to the Boardroom: Lessons Learned from Improv How amazing would it feel to walk into a conference room and hear the phrase “yes, and” to all of your ideas? Not familiar with the feeling? Then welcome to From the Stage to the Boardroom: Lessons Learned from Improv.

During the session, we will focus on these three tenets in improv: being an interactive listener, always saying “yes, and”, and the importance of trust. Learn how to apply these tenets in your career like leading meetings, supporting your team and other teammates, and putting yourself out there in the workplace. Participation is key in improv, and will be in this session, so come ready to play and learn. Who knows – maybe you’ll end up being the next Tina Fey!
60 min Lecture
PR292725 - Collecting and Processing Ephemeral Data Join this discussion of the latest ephemeral messaging tools in the market, such as Wickr, Slack, Signal, Snap, and more, that are used in the enterprise and have been subject to discovery and review requirements, as well as remediation. 60 min Panel
PR293000 - Key Terms Are Alive and Kicking with AI Parties have agreed to and exchanged search terms for decades. Like date range, file type, custodian, and other similar filters, search terms are tangible and objective filters that can easily be exchanged. Unlike other analytics technology, search terms will return essentially the same results regardless of the hosting database being used. The trouble with key terms, however, is that those that are agreed to are usually horribly over-inclusive, with each side proposing terms that amount to a fishing expedition. There is usually little time, or appetite, for careful validation of key terms, and even when validation efforts are made, the results are usually dramatic over-productions resulting in excessive review and technology costs—and a delay in the delivery of efficient justice. Any trial lawyer who has ever darkened the court room knows that there are only so many documents that can be used in a case of any size. So, why do we spend so much time and effort with documents of little value?

AI, leveraging active machine learning, has entered the mainstream and is changing how documents are analyzed and reviewed. Those who are predicting the death of key terms, however, are missing the opportunity. Come see real case examples of how the combination of key terms and active learning dramatically reduced the time and effort associated with document production and review. Mark Walker, VP of Advisory Services at iControl ESI, will show you Relativity workflows used in actual cases large and small, including some of the largest analytics-based cases in the country. The proof is in the pudding.
60 min Lecture
PR293334 - Orientation for Relativity Scholars You made it through the selection process, the airport, and the Hilton lobby. Welcome to Relativity Fest! Relativity scholarship winners will get an overview of Relativity the company, key executives, how to use conference tools, and the importance of networking. Come prepared to meet new people and connect with your mentors right after the session. If you have been awarded a scholarship, we ask that you attend this session.

This session is only for Relativity Academic Scholars and TRU Staffing scholars.
60 min Lecture
PR293378 - Orientation for Relativity Professors You made it from the classroom to Relativity Fest. During this 30-minute session, you'll meet other professors, get an overview of Relativity the company, and learn how you can leverage Relativity's marketing team to help boost your program's presence on social media. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a program planning session on Wednesday. 60 min Lecture
PR293382 - Deep Dive into Teaching the Relativity 9.6 Academic Workbook Join a group of professors who would like more tips and tricks on how to teach Relativity from the curriculum workbook on Relativity 9.6. Join us for a one-hour deep dive into how to teach each section, and how to get ready to roll it out in your next e-discovery course. We will also cover what's coming in Relativity 10. 60 min Lecture
PR294842 - Running a Successful Managed Service Offering What happens when you want Relativity, but need the helping hand of an e-discovery provider—whether for infrastructure, project management, or consultancy? This panel will bring together law firms and e-discovery solution providers who have engaged in managed services for either an on-premises Relativity instance or a RelativityOne instance. We’ll discuss how to partner successfully, including signing MSAs, developing Statements of Work, creating ticketing structures, and managing internal and external projects. 60 min Panel
PR295140 - Creative Project Management: Harnessing the Power of Relativity Custom Objects Are you looking for ways to enhance your project management activities in Relativity and/or customize experiences for users? Look no further. In this session, you'll learn how to harness the power of Relativity custom objects as a project management and information tracking tool. Custom objects allow project managers to design information tracking and reporting workflows that are more centralized, efficient, and interactive than traditional reporting methods.

We’ll look at the benefits to be gained and review creative use cases for custom objects that have enhanced the client experience and resulted in more successful outcomes than alternative reporting and tracking methods. And, we'll cover specific guidelines and questions that can be addressed from the outset to identify opportunities for using custom objects on your matters.

Join this session to learn:
  • • The benefits of using custom objects for project management and information tracking, including better centralization of information, enhanced auditing/collaboration, increased efficiency (through Relativity Desktop Client import methods), and better analytical capabilities (through search, pivots, and dashboards).
  • • How Relativity administrators can create a customized experience and solution for clients.
  • • How users can review, search, and edit matter information in Relativity in real time, as opposed to relying on spreadsheets that often have multiple versions.
  • • Specific use cases for custom objects that leverage other Relativity functionality (i.e. dashboards, pivots, search, Relativity Desktop Client for mass import).
  • • How clients can review and report on information in real time in Relativity (pull down information as opposed to relying on PMs to push out reports and updates).
  • • Guidelines that can be followed at matter initiation to identify opportunities for leveraging custom objects.
  • • Information on where people can get additional training on the mechanics of custom objects.
60 min Lecture
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